Vicky Zomenou

Vicky, was born in Athens Greece. In 1991 she moved to England to study Computer Science and she worked in the corporate world for almost 20 years.  However, she always had an interest in arts: mainly painting and sculpture. In 2002 she joined the painting classes of the local art center where she learned freehand drawing. In her 4th year of painting she got interested in Ancient Greek jewelry, so she started taking art jewelry making classes, to learn the techniques and the inspiration of the designs of her ancestors. She studied for the past 9 years until she moved with her family to the Pacific Northwest in 2015. 

Vicky uses different techniques for her jewels: sometimes she craves her designs on wax and then cast them (lost wax technique), other times she works straight with metal wire or metal leaf and other times she combines both techniques.

In 2014, she decided to escape from the corporate world and dedicate her time to the two things she loves most: her family and art jewelry. According to Vicky: “Everything starts from an image or an idea and then a dialogue begins, between the mind, the heart, the hands, the tools, the material, and the techniques. When the creative process is initiated slowing down and observing at each stage is critical. Usually, I combine different materials: brass, silver and gold with wood, cords, threads, silk, enamels, semiprecious stones, colors, and different metalsmith techniques. For me a jewel is more than an accessory, it is a small piece of art.  I love exploring details of nature, symbols or stories from Greek mythology and transform them into small scale pieces of art that can be appreciated and worn and hopefully passed to the next generation.”

A jewel is more than an accessory, select yours and Jewel Yourself!