Terri Gordon

About the Artist

My great grandparent’s family immigrated to Redmond, Washington in 1900. They were deeply involved in helping build and create Redmond. Since then, seven generations of descendants have lived in the Redmond area. I see my art as a deep connection to my ancestors and honor them and their efforts through my work.

Not surprisingly, my art career began with an old Norwegian-inspired barn in Redmond. I was driven to paint it and, to this day, it is still my favorite painting.
Although my style has changed some over the years I have always strived for that loose look using vibrant, juicy colors which gives my work great emotion and energy. I love the challenge of creating a composition, applying color, getting thru that ‘awkward’ stage and watching it materialize into a piece of art. Working the whole paper rather than one object at a time gives me a better sense of the whole picture and the look I am striving to obtain.

If I were to have a goal with my work, it would be to bring the outside in for all to enjoy. This is especially true of my landscape and wildlife pieces which are designed to capture the incredible beauty of nature in its most natural state.