Susan Walker

I paint to evoke emotion, capturing moments of emotion in each painting. These emotions stimulate memories. With a memory, our imagination starts to play adding sounds, smells, details, wishes, and dreams. I capture moments. My work’s distinctive style combines vigorous brush strokes with a counterpoint of intricate detail. I am in love with oil paint and the lushness of colors that I mix. Get up close to one of my paintings to find the details and then, step back, to see the life within my brush strokes – they are flowing, often unconscious.

“The goal of painting is to give the surface a life-force, not just the appearance of the thing.” -Wayne Thiebaud

Walker grew up in the SF Bay Area in the late 60s. Her BFA in Studio Art was at UC Davis learning how to paint with renowned American artist Wayne Thiebaud. Thiebaud was a taskmaster, but also a detailed encourager. He never used a teaching assistant, and showed up everyday day in class. Walker still has all her sketchbooks, moving them across the country, and back, as a precious source of inspiration. Walker has taken advantage of the opportunities that have been presented to her career-wise. In the spirit of networking, she maximized her involvement in Issaquah, WA's, artEAST Art Center, starting in 2008 as a gallery artist, and culminating in four years of service as Trustee on the Board of Directors. In October 2015, Walker was selected as part of a 20-artist cohort to attend Artist Trust’s weeklong EDGE Professional Development program in Port Townsend, Washington. Walker’s studio is a renovated farmhouse, built in 1889, in Issaquah’s historically hip Gilman Village.