Acrylic Painting Studio


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Friday’s, June 7th – July 12th, 10:30am – 12:30pm

Instructor: Alicia Harvey


Location: ArtEast Art Center – 95 Front Street North, Issaquah, WA 98027

This painting series leads you through a path of discovery. We ask questions such as: What colors do you embrace as yours? How can you take those personal colors into your own painting style? Loosen up your painterly muscles by playing with different art styles and techniques through painting still life, landscapes, portraits, and figures. Paint with non-traditional tools, colored papers, negative painting, mixed media – the sky’s the limit. For anyone who wants to have fun with color and ideas. Suitable for beginner and intermediate levels.

Student Experience Level: Beginner and Intermediate

Class fee: $95/member $105/non-member



About the Instructor

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Alicia Harvey moved to the Seattle area in the mid-1990s and was immediately swept up by the art scene swirling around her. She played with pottery and watercolor for years, before transitioning to acrylics and mixed media in 2000. Her work has appeared in group shows in Seattle and surrounding area, including Seattle, Edmonds, and Everett. She has consistently presented demonstrations and taught workshops at Daniel Smith Artists’ Materials (both in Seattle and Bellevue). Her work will appear in the upcoming Artists of Social Media (3rd edition).