Ruby Lindner

Ruby Lindner ArtistRuby is a cross-cultural soul. Originally from the mountains of Colorado, Ruby spent her college years in Paris, and then moved to Berlin, where she spent her twenties. In 1989, Ruby moved to Seattle, where she discovered the perfect environment to support her inner balance with the beauty of the Pacific Northwest wilderness and a progressive cultural community filled with visual, musical, and performing arts of all stripes. The result of Ruby’s personal cross-cultural pollination is an eclectic aesthetic that finds its way directly into her oil and acrylic abstract paintings.

Ruby began her artistic journey in jewelry design in the mid-1990’s, and began exploring 2D art with pencils and pastels in 2003, finally discovering the joy of painting in 2007. In early 2014, she made a conscious break from representational painting and began a focused exploration of abstract form and flow, making use of unexpected color combinations and texturing. In this journey with abstract painting, she works with both blended color flow and overlay texture. Her paintings are playful and often humorous, an attempt to connect more directly with the uncensored creative impulses that drive us when we allow ourselves to get past our own inner critic – the one who so often cuts short our progress and the discovery of our own personal vision. The result has been an exuberant journey into shapes and images that are by turn whimsical, joyous, reflective, solitary, and intimately revealing.

Ruby is a member of Evergreen Association of Fine Arts (EAFA). Her work is held in private collections across the U.S. as well as in Germany, France and the Island of Réunion. Her work has been exhibited at galleries and public exhibits in Seattle and various East King County venues, and Ventura, CA. Her paintings are available at Tsuga Fine Art in Bothell,WA,  ryan james fine arts in Kirkland, WA, and ArtEast in Issaquah, WA. Her textile – high quality silk and wool blend scarves works - are available at Runway in Aspen, Co and Dancing Ladies de Santa Fe in Santa Fe, NM and, beginning in spring 2018 at ArtEast in Issaquah. Ruby lives in Bellevue, Washington with her husband Jeff and her much-loved shiba inu Riki.