Monica Phillips

Monica Phillips is a local Issaquah artist who has a love of anything glass. When she started working with dichroic glass, she made so much of it that it prompted her to learn traditional metalsmithing techniques to give the glass the setting it deserved. Her earrings, pendants and rings are handmade using fine silver (.999), sterling silver (.925), or gold-filled metals, along with dichroic fused glass or cubic zirconia. Her goal is to make one-of-a kind jewelry pieces that are comfortable and to be worn every day.

Monica Phillips is also a scientist, and interested in photography. Photomicroscopy combines the two loves. These photos were taken using a compound microscope fitted with two polarized lenses. Readily-available household materials, like citric acid (used in cheese-making kits), acetaminophen (Tylenol), or Vitamin C were placed into a spice grinder and turned into a powder. The powder was placed on a glass slide, mixed with water, alcohol or acetone. After the liquid evaporates, crystals form, but you can only see them under a microscope. The crystals develop into beautiful rainbow-colored abstract shapes. Every day is unique and special, live your life!