Margaret Maclean

Margaret MacLean ArtistMargaret has been messing around with clay for twenty plus years. She is originally from the West Coast of Canada, where she received her BFA, majoring in Ceramics, from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC. Before moving to Bellevue ten years ago, Margaret exhibited her art in Vancouver, and worked as an arts administrator for a local college. This was a perfect combination of her two passions, making art and creating arts programming to inspire others to find their creative voices.

Margaret’s ceramic wall sculptures are inspired by natural, organic forms. She is fascinated and drawn to textural patterns and colors found in nature, and enjoys emulating those in her work. Repetition is definitely key to her process. Growing up on the West Coast and spending most of her childhood on and around the ocean has definitely influenced her making.  She also attributes the botanical influence, reflected in her wall sculptures, to all the times camping and hiking with her family, which cultivated a comfort and affinity for nature. Patinas found on rusted metal, or anything in the process of decay can also capture her attention. Her exploration of surface texture also comes from her interest in the psychological aspects of a person, the “surfaces” that we reflect to the world and the armoring and protection that exists.

Margaret works primarily with stoneware and porcelain clay. Her process of making is intuitive and driven by the material. She has learned to let the clay direct the making. She uses a variety of glazes, underglazes and stains to achieve a more natural finish for her pieces, and sometimes fires them multiple times to get the desired effect.

Margaret shows her work in the greater Seattle area, and has been associated with ArtEast as a gallery artist, and volunteer, for the past three years.

Margaret lives in Bellevue, Washington with her husband and daughter.