Margaret Fitzgerald

I enjoy using acrylic paints and have recently been attracted to exploring mixed media and abstraction. I completely surrender to the seductive nature of paint and color. I begin most paintings with no specific plan, preferring to allow the work to lead me. Laying out blocks of color and lines both random and intended, I begin to develop a composition to play with. Motifs I am drawn to include animals, both real and chimerical, geometric shapes, and sometimes human figures. Occasionally, elements from my dreams find their way into my painting. As I work, I ponder my ancestors and various cultures I’ve experienced and how they influence my art. My initial forays into art happened at an early age, exploring alongside my mother as she engaged with art materials. Through her influence, I maintain an abiding trust in the faithfulness and fecundity of the natural world that is always generous with life-sustaining nourishment, power, and mystery that humbles. Mindful that some are unable to access even the essentials to sustain their humanity, I hope to share the abundance I’ve experienced. One avenue for doing this is through my art.