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Fall Term Begins September 4, 2018

ArtEast has an exciting list of Adult Courses available this fall. Courses include painting, drawing, creative practices, special courses for seniors, stained glass and glass mold making, ceramics, the list goes on.

Serious students ages 14 and above are welcome to attend. Younger students should contact ArtEAST for permission to attend or come with an adult to one of our family courses like Clay Art Night.


Classes and workshops run year-round and are available for youth and adults. We offer unique schedules for each season including half-day youth camps, which run from June through August for ages 8 and up. Our classes are led by resident artists and cover a wide range of topics.

Student and Waiver Policies

The Harvey Fund

Would you like to participate more at ArtEast, but find yourself short on funds? The Harvey Fund at ArtEast was created to help you. The fund may be used to assist with membership fees, class and class supply fees, salon fees, jury fees and display fees. Each applicant is eligible for up to $200 in assistance per year.

Application Process
Click here to download the Harvey Fund application. You may apply on behalf of yourself or someone else. Email completed forms to director@arteast.org.

The Harvey Fund Committee will be notified that there is an application to review. The Harvey Fund Committee will review the application and determine whether to approve or deny the application.

Important: The committee may take up to 3 weeks to process the application. Please be sure to submit the application at least 3 weeks before any class, salon, or jury deadline.

If the application is approved, the Finance Manager will contact you about how you wish to pay any remaining amount (if you indicated that you could pay a portion of the fee), and you will receive the regular confirmation that all members or registrants receive.

If the application is denied, you have an opportunity to appeal the decision to the board of directors, and the board will make a final decision.

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