Kerstin McKee

Kerstin McKee ArtistKerstin was born 1964 and raised in a village outside the town of Varberg on the west coast of Sweden. Today, she works as a painter and ceramist living a life of dual residence in Sammamish Washington and in Varberg.

1990 Kerstin enrolled in the Fine Art program at Cornish College of the Art in Seattle. The five year in depth art program exposed students to a variety of mediums, four years of art history, and culminated for Kerstin in a double major in painting & printmaking. In 2000, Kerstin was introduced (through a friend) to the clay program at Kirkland Art Center, and so the passion for clay was born. These days she enjoys working with two mediums; painting and sculpting in clay.

Kerstin combines her passion for both artmaking and energy work/healing. As an artist and energy practitioner she has discovered the value of looking inward, noting that the spiritual practice enables her to work more intuitively.

Places that currently show Kerstin’s work:

ArtEast Gallery  Issaquah WA.

Firelight Gallery Petersburg AK

Her work is also exhibited and collected throughout Sweden.

‘People make art for different reasons. For me it is a meditative and spiritual practice in which I use organic & sensual imagery to tell my story. My story-mission is to create art that ignite a feeling of Hope & Healing; a place for the viewer to connect inward. ‘