Interested in showing your work in our Issaquah retail gallery? 

The ArtEast Gallery is a thriving retail destination gallery supporting member artists by providing a place for their work to be seen and sold. Our sales help fund programs and events for ArtEast. As an arts collective, we welcome submissions from our members and other local artists who live in the greater Puget Sound Region. If not a member at the time of your application, you will be asked to join with the acceptance of your work.

We welcome your submissions during our twice yearly (Spring and Fall) open calls. Sign up for our newsletter to be sure you receive notification. The jury process is conducted online from images and information you provide.

We are seeking your body of work in a single medium, so you should expect to show us a small collection representative of what you do. You may submit additional work in a different medium in a later jury cycle. Works should be originals or limited production series. Your work should show strong mastery of technique, broad customer appeal, unique design, and attractive pricing. We also look for artists who are interested in participating in volunteering with our arts collective.

As a gallery artist, you will be asked to sign an artist agreement. We ask for pricing equality with any of your other sales relationships, and request that you not sell at other permanent retail locations in Issaquah; remaining provisions are standard best practices. You will receive a contract when you are accepted into the gallery.

Each application for a body of work requires a nonrefundable jury fee of $10 for current members of ArtEast, or $20 for nonmembers. The link to the application process is HERE. Applications can be submitted only during the open call periods.

Questions regarding our jury process can be sent to

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