Julie Rackley

I create visual meditations, inspired by the juxtaposition of the natural world and the built environment. My multi-media paintings translate my observations into art and connect me to my audience. I want to engage the viewer and encourage them to have their own interpretation of my work.  I am inspired by the beauty of our finite resources and by human interactions. I like to explore transitional states and universal personal experiences. I often insert a bit of whimsy to punctuate my own personal interpretation of the piece.

When approaching my work, my subject speaks to me and informs my choice of media.  I begin my composition with a canvas or board, the first layer a sketch of my planned composition, always subject to change; I proceed with paint, pattern or paper media. My media includes oil paint, acrylic paints, inks, pastels, handmade papers and found collage materials.  I continue adding layers, and each mark becomes a balancing act, pushing and pulling the composition back-and-forth. Sometimes previous layers are all but hidden, leaving just a small amount of their history; often my work has twenty layers or more. For mark making, I use everything from credit cards to cookie cutters, along with my trusty brushes.

Color, shape, symbols and pattern inspire me, words and numbers can add to the mix. My works meaning exists in the exploration of artistic problem solving, visual journalism, fantasy, symbolism and the human condition. Here are some things others have said about my art: “colorful, free, evocative, bold shapes, excellent composition, joyful, provocative, dreamlike, playful and organic.”  My collectors appreciate a combination of reality and abstraction, symbolism, texture, and color.  My intention is to connect the individual to the whole, in this widening world.