Jacqui Beck

About the Artist

I create paintings using acrylics and mixed media. My artwork is colorful, personal, and expressive, and I keep in mind both the depth and whimsy of life. I often paint animal totem protectors representing the fierce strength of ourselves and those who love us. This strength, ideally, is tempered by a sense of paradox, irony, and humor. We can’t always recognize our protectors by their appearance (notice chickens, birds, cats, and various strange or imaginary animals). The most powerful beings have an understanding of and compassion for our uniqueness and fallibility.

Like life, painting is an unfolding process of intention and accident. I notice what shows up and decide what to keep or enhance and what to prune. The subject matter and meaning of my paintings is an exploration of what being a person means to me. I paint to explore my questions about life, about strength, fear, confusion, curiosity, and joy.

You can see information about my classes and more of my work at www.jacquibeck.com.