ArtEast Annual Auction 2018
Annual Auction 2018

A Night of Good Fortune:

ArtEast’s Annual Benefit Dinner & Auction

Saturday, April 14th
Pickering Barn, Issaquah

In honor of ArtEast’s 13th year of operation, we invite you to celebrate A Night of Good Fortune!


Why Give?

ArtEast is committed to providing quality art and creative experiences to Eastside individuals and communities. But we can’t do it without your help! With your donation, we can continue to develop new, thought-provoking programming while focusing on attracting the best and brightest talent in the area. Through your generosity we can rest assured that we are offering the very best and providing the community service the Eastside needs and deserves.


Every year, our member artists, volunteers, and staff host a gala auction fundraiser planned with our community in mind. During an evening of both food and entertainment, we offer prizes and experiences that connect our artists to local and regional businesses. With local performers, artists, restaurants, bars, vendors, and supporters all involved, the evening is both a classy and unforgettable affair that never fails to inspire our community and help keep ArtEast on track toward our financial goals.

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