Volunteer Opportunities

Gallery artists who commit to volunteer roles are eligible for higher commission payments on their sold work. Non-artist volunteers who commit to volunteer roles receive a complimentary membership and occasional gallery discounts. Please contact Lindsey Miller at info@arteast.org if interested.

Host/Hostess with the Mostest

Provide a warm welcome by greeting guests at ArtEast events, serving food or beverages, and answering questions. This is a great role for those who wish to volunteer occasionally and enjoy being part of a lively event.

Estimated commitment: 4 hours/month, on-site

Social Media Butterfly
Keep ArtEast present and active as a visual arts organization on social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram by creating engaging posts and sharing photos. Stay in touch with gallery, exhibitions, education and the office of the Executive Director so all are represented. Work with the Voice of ArtEast to maintain an internal gallery of images for promotional purposes. Interact with our audience while upholding our values. Be a part of the Marketing Committee, which meets every other month.

Estimated commitment: 10 hours/month, mostly off-site

Voice of ArtEast
Write website posts and create online content to share ArtEast’s message, promote events, and develop an online relationship with our audience. A knack for copy editing and awareness of brand voice is a great plus. Interact with multiple parts of the organization and our affiliated groups (Issaquah Highlands Council, Downtown Issaquah Association) to cross-promote. Work with the Social Media Butterfly to maintain an internal gallery of images for promotional purposes. Be a part of the Marketing Committee, which meets every other month.

Estimated commitment: 20 hours/month, mostly off-site

Design Wizard
Make ArtEast look sharp with well-designed flyers, signs, advertising, and promotional pieces while maintaining our visual brand identity. Prepare templates for routine promotional tasks. Interact with internal parts of the organization to keep ahead of the editorial calendar. Be part of the Marketing Committee, which meets every other month.
Portfolio review required.

Estimated commitment: 10-15hours/month, mostly off-site

Gallery Display Captain
Participate in quarterly gallery refreshes, taking the lead on display of a specific medium and working with volunteers to ensure art is presented professionally. Receives direction from Display Manager as needed. May also participate in arranging display for exhibitions and special display opportunities if desired. Be a part of the gallery team.

Estimated commitment: 8 hours/quarter, on-site

Gallery Sales Volunteer
Interact with the public and act as an ambassador for ArtEast’s gallery art and programs and enjoy first-hand experience with art enthusiasts, artists, and buyers. Process payments for art, class registrations, and memberships through the store’s Point of Sale system. Orientation to ArtEast, sales training, and Point of Sale provided. Requires responsiveness to scheduling emails and attendance at quarterly sales training meetings.

Estimated commitment: 2 to 3 shifts at 4.5 hours each/month on-site

ArtEast Community Ambassador
Answer our phones and be an information resource for telephone inquiries. Greet visitors and talk about art in our gallery during busy events to assist sales desk workers. Make calls on behalf of ArtEast to members, artists, and community members about specific events and follow-up. This is a great role for someone knowledgeable about ArtEast who enjoys interacting with our community as part of the membership team.

Estimated commitment: 15 hours/month, mostly on-site

Summer Education Volunteer
Help maintain order and help keep this summer’s camps running smoothly, and be a line of communication for parents and instructors to ensure a positive camp experience. Volunteer must be 18 or older with a valid driver’s license. Handle student and instructor issues as necessary, while alerting Education Manager when necessary. Assist with off-site camp adventures, and be willing to carpool to aid transportation for art exhibit tours, sketching in the park, etc. Solicit social media reviews from parents. Maintain supply inventory and communicate needs with Education Manager, take responsibility for any artwork or items left behind after camp, facilitate smooth handling of student pickup after camp, and follow up with instructor as needed.

Estimated commitment: 15 hours/week

Contact Rebecca Morrissey at education@arteast.org

Display Team Lead
Manage quarterly refresh process including communication of upcoming deadlines and requirements to gallery artists for drop-off and pick-up. Interface with Inventory team to ensure inventory is entered and accurate labels are prepared in time for display day. Assign tasks on day of refresh. Monitor display hardware for upkeep needs including hanging wire system, glass cubes, and pedestals. Maintain appropriate back stock to keep displays filled. Manage front window display opportunities and communicate expectations to artists for effective displays. Ensure artists are displayed fairly and professionally. Visit gallery regularly to fill display holes and rearrange as needed during a display cycle. Communicate expectations to display team members and desk volunteers for maintaining integrity of gallery displays. Interface with Gallery Manager as needed. Interface with facilities team as needed.

Estimated commitment: 10 hrs/month + 12 hrs/quarter for display day

Gallery artists who fill this role will receive additional commission on their sales.

Marketing Committee Lead
Manage marketing strategy for ArtEast including allocation of advertising budget, external communication, development of promotional materials to support ArtEast programs, and maintenance of overall editorial calendar. Interface with business units and Office of the ED to stay abreast of upcoming events and highlights. Provide guidance for consistent branding including tone and style. Interface with Design Wizard, Voice of ArtEast, Newsletter writer, Program Assistant, and other members of the Marketing/Communications team as needed. Engage business units and Office of the ED to understand desired program outcomes and the role of Marketing in those outcomes.

Estimated time commitment: 25 to 30 hrs/month. Mostly off-site but requires regular check-ins at ArtEast to interface with staff and business units.

Guest Juror on the Gallery Jury Committee
Be part of the Gallery jury process to admit new artists from development of the artist call through artist acceptance and onboarding. Work with the Committee to maintain a fair, objective, and organized jury process while preserving ArtEast’s mission and strategic direction. Assist with communication to ArtEast artist as directed. Participation on this committee requires unanimous approval of existing committee members, the Executive Director, and the Gallery Manager.

Estimated time commitment: One time commitment of 25 to 30 hrs during the jury cycle

Interested? Please contact Lindsey Miller at info@arteast.org

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