April 19 – June 19, ArtEast Art Center

Curator: Jenifer Wright

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 5, 6pm-8pm

Member Studio: “Botanical Colors” with Jacqueline Calladine Thursday, May 24
Related Workshop: “Textural Terrain” with Sherri Gamble Thursday, May 3

Earth: the third planet from the sun; home

Bound: from Middle English boun, from Old Norse būinn, to dwell, prepare

As we traverse the terrain, shores, and deep earth artifacts, we ask…what marks have we made? Amidst the turbulent seas of beauty and decay, death and rebirth, the creative spirit is thriving. The artist eye sees a shard of discarded plastic and spins this litter into a tool. Digging into the strata of dirt, clay, limestone, the grittiness of earth is exposed, and our ashes of hand bind us back to the earth.

Jacqueline Calladine and Sherri Gamble are local artists who work with a focus on natural and earth-based materials and methods. Through her artistry with plant-based paints and dyes, Jacqueline creates a palette of abstract paintings and surfaces. Sherri Gamble focuses on the tactile terrain of earth plasters to invoke texture and gestural abstraction. Together they question what it means to be bound to this earth; to find our home here on this spinning rock; to be forever preparing the way.

As part of this exhibition both artists will be offering workshops to empower you to explore your own ties to this earth and to enhance your own creative journey.

Exhibiting Artists

Jacqueline Calladine & Sherri Gamble

(Image: “Grow a Meadow” by Jacqueline Calladine)

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