Executive Director Job Description



        Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is responsible for furthering the mission and vision of ArtEast, leading outreach and fundraising efforts in partnership with the Board, and providing for the overall management and operation of ArtEast Art Center. The ED manages staff, volunteers, and vendors, directing their efforts in Gallery management, sales, marketing, education programs, community partnerships and outreach, fundraising, exhibits, and operations.


Key Responsibilities

Gallery Management and Sales

  • Gallery sales and marketing. Continuous process improvement on earned revenue model, inventory system, data integrity, website sales, social media marketing, and local partnerships that drive traffic to the Gallery.
  • Financial oversight. Oversee accounting policies, processes, and grants budgets, with continuous process improvement on financial planning, budgeting, and financial reporting to the Board.
  • Sales operations. Manage sales desk volunteers. Oversee computer systems and personnel for point of sales data, inventory, data integrity, and website sales.
  • Artist communications. Manage annual contracts with juried Gallery artists to maintain quality artwork and artist volunteer engagement with ArtEast.

Community Investments and Partnerships

  • Spokesperson. Serve as a compelling spokesperson articulating ArtEast’s mission and value to the community.
  • Fundraising. Work with the Board and volunteers to develop a long-term, sustainable strategy for building individual and community contributed income.
  • Community outreach. Cultivate current and new relationships with local agencies, community groups, and individual donor/investors.
  • Co-marketing. Create and nurture local partnerships for co-marketing opportunities that further ArtEast’s mission and expand our reach.
  • Exhibitions. Develop an Exhibitions program, building on opportunities for partnerships with local arts councils and regional artists’ groups, to raise awareness of ArtEast and builds its reputation for quality.
  • Inclusivity. Create open-call juried artist and exhibition opportunities that connect new artists to the community and invite participation from those under-represented at ArtEast.

Arts Education

  • Education programs. Oversee creation of profitable annual programs of art classes for professional artists, lifelong learners, casual enthusiasts, and youth.
  • Salons and demos. Curate an engaging series of salons, lectures, demos, and other free or low-cost programs to inspire and build community around the arts.
  • Instructor communications. Oversee recruitment of class instructors and their contracts for both fee-based and free community classes.

Executive Management

  • Board relations. Facilitate communication among Board, Gallery artists, and members; facilitate Board recruitment, development, and policy administration.
  • Organizational development. Continue to implement new Gallery artist contract model that requires monthly volunteering.
  • Volunteer management. Recruit and/or assign monthly volunteer hours to Gallery artists; optimize volunteer engagement and alignment with ArtEast goals.


Expertise and Characteristics

        The successful candidate will be a strategic leader who can work effectively at the intersection of fine art, arts education, community outreach, organizational development, and business operations. S/he will bring a passion for and understanding of the arts and its impact on local community building. Candidates should offer expertise in partnerships, fundraising, major gifts and donor investments, Board development, and the ability to oversee marketing, sales, financial reporting, and operations in both nonprofit and for-profit sectors.

        Successful candidates will have a high level of curiosity and the capacity to mentor and empower others. S/he will be an interdisciplinary, creative thinker, innovative as well as pragmatic, who can lead others to success. S/he will be an open-minded, positive, confident leader who truly enjoys collaboration.

        The ED will be a talented group facilitator who can resolve conflict and work with a wide range of individuals who are dedicated to the mission of ArtEast. S/he will possess strong written and oral communication skills, be adept at developing long-term relationships with local arts groups and agencies, and be a strong fundraiser and spokesperson for the organization. S/he will be comfortable in a hands-on role and be willing to step in and help with essential tasks as they arise.


Required Experience

      At least 10 years of combined experience in the management of an art gallery, a nonprofit organization, an arts education program, and/or a local community agency or organization. Knowledge of core responsibilities of a nonprofit organization and its yearly reporting requirements to maintain nonprofit status.


        Interested candidates, please email your resume and cover letter to: director@arteast.org. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis through May 3, 2019. No phone calls please.


RBT   April 6, 2019

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