Warli Artist Salon

August 16th, 6-8pm

Warli painting is a unique art form from the North Sahyadri Range region of India. It is distinct because it challenges perspective and proportion; it’s a 2 dimensional art form that uses simple lines, squares and triangular shapes to tell a story. Dating back to more than 2000 years, it can be traced to the Egyptian Pyramids and even the Mayan age. As a tribal art form, common themes include the cycle of birth and death. Led by the renowned Shabbir Khambatti, come learn about this distinctive style with us at the ArtEast Art Center.

After serving on the Merchant Navy for 14 years, Shabbir began a Landscape Design business to nurture of his love for gardening and developed a keen artistic eye. Throughout this journey, Shabbir discovered he was a natural teacher and has taught for the last 16 years. Currently, Shabbir works as an Educational Consultant for The Times of India. Working with children grades one through twelve, he teaches them how they can best utilize their time and talent through ‘Creative Thinking’. In addition to creating art, he loves to travel and write poetry.

Shabbir is an international author and his book, “Master the Art of Warli in 22 Easy Steps”, is a bestseller in India, US, England, Australia, and even Dubai.

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