Artist Panel Discussion

August 1st 6-8pm

Any action that’s done with purity and sincerity, and in complete harmony with mind, body, and soul, is an art form that elevates the spirit.  Join ArtEast at Blakely Hall for a panel discussion on the Art of India, as we continue our three-month long celebration, UTSAV! Four artists from various disciplines will each delve into the art and culture of India via discussions on Ayurveda, Creative Cooking, Music as Meditation, and Yoga.

According to the Sankhya philosophy, the entire universe is a manifestation (Shakti) of the potential (Purusha). In simpler terms, we are all parts of the same whole, created to experience the wonders of the world. Via Ayurveda, the ancient sages of India have provided the guidelines for leading a long and healthy life so you can fulfill the purpose of your creation.  Ekta will discuss how to regain and maintain balance in the body, mind, and spirit using simple, sustainable steps.

“Connect, Create, Celebrate” is the vision with which Shirin started Shirin’s Kitchen.  Whether in her own cozy home kitchen or at a private party, Shirin offers a collaborative cooking experience where her students bond over cooking.  Learn how cooking can be celebrated as an art form as Shirin examines how to recreate the magic of Indian Cuisine in your own kitchen.

As a life guide, Shahana points to unconditional Love as the premise of being, which opens up the limitless creative power of consciousness. Shahana’s gift in facilitating access to intuitive potential in others aligns them in Self and results in a profound shift from a circumstantial life to a consciously creative one.  Learn more about awakening the original ‘voice’ and musical vibrations in every human being, as an avenue to alignment in Self.

In the Bhagavadgita, the immortal scripture from India, it is said that samatvam yoga uchyate: perfect evenness of mind is itself the definition of Yoga.  Within this perfect equanimity of mind lies the wellspring of all health and happiness. The art of Hatha Yoga is achieveing this evenness through graceful physical movement. Murali will discuss how yoga postures, when practiced with power, grace, and mindfulness, can rid the body of harmful toxins and purify the mind of restlessness.

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  • August 1, 2018 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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