Diana Grant

My paintings are informed by my background in architecture and my love of nature; I like to explore the energy between the two by creating space in my compositions, like a pregnant pause.

Sometimes the pause is seemingly static while others, it is a symphony of movement. The space or “air” is a device that allows the viewer’s eye a chance to rest and reflect; as witness to a moment of tranquility or turmoil (or both). Whether abstracts or figurative landscapes, I am inspired to paint work that is simultaneously earthy and ethereal.

I employ a balance of contrasting, yet dynamic colors, texture via brush, palette knife or rag strokes. Form and proportion are used to evoke the tenuous relationship that exists between earth and sky; stayed ground or the pursuit of what’s just beyond the horizon.

While my work is an outlet of expression; the experience for both viewer and artist is uniquely personal. From my perspective, it represents a sustained exhale of fresh air. It is my evolution, education and expression of inspiration; and in this way, my work reflects my own evolution as a woman and artist.

Diana Grant Art