Carol Ross

I am seduced by color and surface. In my abstract work, the process is intuitive and driven by a very specific end goal... With my landscape work I spend hours developing layers before I even begin to convey the natural scene I wish to share with the viewer. My goal is to express emotion in its most accessible forms, in color and shape. If my abstract work gives you a sense of energy or my landscapes make you want to wander in, I have been successful.

Recently I was scrounging (as artists often do) in a Recycle building material site and came across a bin of old wooden Foundry Molds using in manufacturing. The unique yet functional shapes and wood that showed the wear and tear of something ‘used well’ inspired me to paint more realistic subjects…These small pieces of art are first cleaned, then painted in oil and fused with Encaustic Wax . An ancient process used by the Egyptians for Fayum Masks. The process both protects the painting and infuses it with a depth of surface that I love.

I always want my journey as a painter to be visible to the viewer, I paint hours each day…some work’ makes it out of the studio alive and those are the ones that you are able to see in Galleries and Exhibitions.