Brandy Agun

Brandy Agun is an oil painter working in the Seattle area.  She explores everyday scenes and mundane objects finding interesting shapes and color weaving them into a compelling composition.  Working representationally her vision is more design based.  Some objects are left flat and geometric while other elements are more atmospheric.  The treatment chosen is premised on what is more compelling visually and less on what something is.  Brandy enjoys building texture, brush strokes moving in various directions and interruptions in form to bring more interest to an image.  This is how she perceives we actually see our world.  Some things more fractured and ragged with others solidly filled in.  When up close passages in her paintings are abstract yet from a distance coalesce into a scene.   She emphasizes it is not important whether everything in a representational painting is concretely understood, rather it is more important that it satisfy the visual experience.