Beth Brenneman

I am a fused glass artist living in Issaquah, WA creating original kiln-formed decorative and functional art and accent pieces.  I discovered warm glass while searching for a creative outlet to counterbalance an earlier career in technology.  I first explored mosaic and stained glass, but when I discovered working with warm glass, it was love at first fuse!  The luminosity of the colors and their combinations, the uncovering and study of striking design elements, and the technical aspects of controlling the nature of the medium, reignite my love of the craft with each kiln run.

Inspired by the natural world as well as incredible art experienced traveling both locally and abroad, my designs are contemporary and generally evocative expressions of a concept rather than literal interpretations.  I feel that each piece is an opportunity to create something beautiful, unique and lasting.  I crave clean lines and striking color combinations which simply and elegantly evoke elements of the natural beauty that surround me as a resident of the Pacific Northwest.  Although ultimately my influences are more varied than one place, it is my deep appreciation of and connection to this one which most heavily inform and guide my work.

Each lift of the kiln lid is a like opening a present: anticipation, surprise, joy… and sometimes even disappointment.  As designs evolve, mistakes sometimes become welcome detours, often leading to an entirely different scope of possibilities.  My favorite works are often the result of this journey – mistaken possibilities that have become beautiful realities.

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