Allen McCall

There is something intrinsically magical about wood. A living tree creates a vast array of colors, patterns and figures that combine to offer a treasure trove of possibilities.  I handcraft wooden objects that are beautiful as well as functional and are a joy to use.  I focus on simplicity and use construction methods that showcase the natural beauty of the wood.

I began woodworking on the farm in eastern Washington where I was raised.  With the encouragement of an uncle and continuing a long family tradition of woodworkers, I learned about wood and tools building things as a youngster on the farm.  During college I honed my skills as an apprentice in a cabinet shop.  When my wife and I remodeled our home, I designed and built all of the cabinets for the kitchen, bathrooms and library.

When creating custom pieces, I collaborate with the client to discover the distinct personality of each piece so I can create something that marries form and function.  Custom pieces I have created include dining tables, coffee tables, cabinets and special art objects.

I am drawn to both northwest native art and Asian art.  Many of my designs and construction techniques are influenced by both.  The work of several of the major wood artists from the last century have also inspired my work.