To our ArtEast community,

We are heartbroken to share that due to an ongoing lack of critical funding and insufficient cash flow to maintain operations, ArtEast will be closing by the end of the month. Our last day of retail sales was Sunday, July 21st.
From its founding days, ArtEast has been a volunteer-driven organization full of spirit and passion. We have often felt that spirit and passion reflected back to us by our students, artists, teachers, loyal customers, neighbors, and partners. There are countless, great stories that have taken place at ArtEast over the last 14 years, and there is no doubt that it has been a special place for all of us.
We would love to gather with you one last time in celebration of art and community. Please join us for a closing party on Tuesday, July 30th at 6pm. We are also having a sale of supplies, display items, and furniture on the 30th 2pm – 6pm.
Between now and then, let’s share some of those great stories. There are many photos on our Facebook page, and you are welcome to add more. Let’s celebrate the art and friendships and reasons why it meant so much to so many of us.
ArtEast Board of Directors
Michael Klink, President/Treasurer
Andrea Lewicki, Vice President
David Lutrick, Secretary
Monica Phillips
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