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Jury Process

Interested in showing your work in our retail gallery? We welcome your submission!

The artEAST Gallery is a thriving retail destination gallery supporting member artists by providing a place for their work to be seen and sold, connecting artists and their community.  We represent masterful design and technique in a wide range of mediums.  Our sales help fund programs and events for artEAST, and enrich our community relationships.  As an arts collective, we welcome submissions from our members and other local artists who live in the greater Puget Sound Region.  If not a member at the time of your application, you will be asked to join with the acceptance of your work.

We are seeking a body of work in a single medium, so you should expect to show us a small collection representative of what you do. (You may submit additional work in a different medium at a later date.) It is strongly recommended that you visit the gallery before submitting to become familiar with our environment and the unique experience your art could contribute.

As a gallery artist, you will be asked to sign an artist agreement.  We ask for pricing equality with any of your other sales relationships, and request that you not sell at other permanent retail locations in Issaquah; remaining provisions are standard best practices.  You will receive a contract when you are accepted into the gallery.

Twice a year, spring and fall, we conduct a jury review of new work. Each submission requires a nonrefundable jury fee of $25 and a set of digital images of your work, plus supporting information. To prepare your submission, review a more detailed list of requirements on the Jury Submission Overview page.

Jury Submission Dates

Thank you for your interest in our jury process. The fall session has closed. Look for new dates in the spring. as follows.

Monday, February 26: Jury applications open.

Monday, March 19: Deadline for submitting to our jury, by midnight

Thursday, March 22: Submissions reviewed by our jury committee. All artists who submit completed applications will be notified of the results within 72 hours.

Invited artists: expect to deliver your work within a week or two of notification.

Important: Invited artists are finalized only when their delivered work is reviewed and approved.


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