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2018 Winter Youth & Teen Art Courses

Winter Term Registration Now Open – Take Advantage of Early Bird Pricing 

Drawing, painting ceramics, photography and mixed media: we’ve got it all – including Mid-Winter and Spring Break Camps. Be sure to register now for best pricing! Weekly Art Courses

Youth Ceramics, ages 8-11 6pm–7:30pm Mondays 4-week sessions Jan 8-Mar 26

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Youth Art Fridays

6pm–8:30pm Fridays, February 9 & March 16 Ages 8–12, 3 sessions available

Instructors: Shelly Vollstedt and Rebecca Morrissey

Monthly Friday Night Art Making for ages 8-14. Each month we’ll focus on a different art medium. Bring your friends and enjoy an evening of art exploration. Our artist instructors will teach you fine art techniques at a comfortable …

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Acrylic Landscapes

10-11:30am Tuesdays, January 16–February 6, 2018 (4 sessions)

Instructor: Pamela Poirier

Find the artist in you.

Learn techniques to create your own paintings using acrylic paint on canvas. Emphasis on basic line and color composition. Enhance your skills and your confidence in this 4-week course. You’ll explore line, texture, hue and proportion while creating beautiful acrylic …

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Hand Knit Metal Wire Necklace Course

dates to be rescheduled (2 sessions)

Instructor: Anne Lindsay

This exciting class teaches you how to hand knit metal wire jewelry. This technique is also known as the ancient art form of Viking Knit.

Instructor Anne Lindsay will teach you about different wire gauges, how to safely handle wire tools and discover the joy of …

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Oil Painting Course

1:40pm–3:40pm Thursdays, January 4–March 29 (monthly registration)

Instructor: Linda Harold

Join Instructor Linda Harold and learn the basic “how-to’s” of oil painting. You’ll learn about the different types of brushes and how to use them, experimenting with various brush strokes and the vocabulary of color.

Students will learn how and why to use a color wheel, …

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“Drawing Natures Forms” Beginner to Advanced

5:30pm–8:30pm Tuesdays January 9–30, 2018 (4 sesisons)

Instructor: Maja Sereda

Draw along with Maja as you explore many forms of nature: from leaves to mushrooms, pinecones, corals, sea shells and more.

Learn different drawing techniques, sharpen your observation skills, explore textures and tackle different mediums to find your perfect fit. Leave the course with a handful of …

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Ceramic Wheel Throwing

6–9pm Saturdays, March 3, 10 & 17 (3 sessions)

Instructor: Shelly Vollstedt

Bring a friend and enjoy 3 weeks of ceramics instruction on the potter’s wheel with instructor Shelly Vollstedt. Students will spend the first two weeks learning to throw pottery and successfully build ceramic pots using the hypnotic and tactile potter’s wheel. You’ll …

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Expressive Abstract Drawing

12pm–5pm Saturday, February 3

Instructor: Gail Baker

Your alphabet. Your voice.

Instructor Gail Baker will guide you through expressing yourself through abstract drawing. You’ll learn to create marks and shapes in new and engaging ways. Together you’ll work in large scale media, using black and white house paint, big charcoal, sticks, …

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“Future Masters” Pastel Art Course

5:30pm–8:30pm Tuesdays February 6–27, 2018 (4 sesisons)

Instructor: Maja Sereda

Pastel along with instructor Maja Sereda as she demonstrates how to learn from the great masters about composition, color use and textures.

Through individual assistance see your own style emerge as you begin to master this amazing medium. We will cover a wide range …

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Photography: “Capturing Emotion” Adult Course

11am–1pm Saturdays, February 10-March 3 (4 week course)

Instructor: Larissa Herbert

Photography allows us to capture a specific moment in time. It creates a window into another world. That moment can convey a range of emotions from happiness to sorrow, joy to fear.

The ability to capture emotion in a photo is what makes a good …

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Watercolor for Beginners

10am – 12pm Sundays, February 11 – March 4 (4 sessions)

Instructor: Priyanka Parmanand

Enjoy learning how to paint in this beginner level class focusing on the basic skills you need to paint with watercolors. This four week course will give you a strong foundation of skills, imparting everything you need to know to confidently …

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Stained Glass: Window to Your Soul

Wednesdays, February 7–21, 6:30–9:30pm  (3 sessions at artEAST Annex)

Instructor: John Casey

Designs of stained glass date back to 7th century. They have been used to depict historical moments in time and create luminous works of art through the colorful light they cast. One of the beautiful things about stained glass pieces is that they are not …

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Encaustic Layering Techniques

10am–4pm Saturday, March 24, 2018

Instructor: Deborah Kapoor

Discover the ancient technique of encaustic painting. Made of beeswax, damar resin and pigment, it is recognized for its luminous layering capacity to build rich surfaces. The process involves heat fusing layers of paint together to create smooth and textured finishes. Basic techniques are covered in this workshop including …

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Beginning Glass Fusing

12pm-4pm Saturday, January 13, 2018 at artEAST Annex

Instructor: John Casey

From this initial 4 hour class, students of all ages will be able to understand the basic physical and chemical characteristics of glass and how these properties effect and dictate the physics behind the melting and molding of glass.  Students will also be …

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Abstract Art Night

6:30-9:30pm Friday, March 2, 2018

Instructor: Ricco DiStefano

Abstract art gives you freedom to create. Let your wild side explore line and shape in this 3-hour art night with instructor Ricco DiStefano. You’ll use palette knives and rags to add texture and form to simple shapes, creating your own one-of-a-kind art piece.

All materials provided.

Early Registration …

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Printmaking: Relief and Intaglio Processes

9:30am–12:30pm Wednesdays, March 7-28 (4 sessions)

Instructor: Leslie Nan Moon

Join instructor Leslie Moon as she teaches you two different printmaking techniques using the printing press: Relief and Intaglio. You will learn how to prepare your plates for each technique, transfer your ideas, ink the plate, print your designs and sign your work. A great workshop for …

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Glass: Making the Mold

Mold Making and Advanced Fusing Techniques Wednesdays, March 7–21, 6:30–9:30pm  (3 sessions at artEAST Annex)

Instructor: John Casey

A powerful tool in any glass artist’s arsenal is the ability to create custom molds for kiln firing. Join instructor John Casey and he’ll walk you through the process of designing and creating a mold of your very …

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Watercolor Greeting Cards

12:30–2pm Tuesdays, November 21 – December 12 (4 sessions)

Instructor: Shilpa Veerkar

Sending cards means sending love, warmth and gratitude. When you give it a personal touch by making the cards yourself, it shows you care.

With various techniques, live demos and step by step instruction, you’ll learn to create various textures and patterns while …

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Watercolor Sunday

10:00am–12:00pm Sunday, October 15 No longer available.

Instructor: Priyanka Parmanand

Learn some fun watercolor techniques and watch some cool demos by instructor Priyanka Parmanand. A relaxing interactive session to encourage artists to develop their own style and techniques.

No previous art experience required, just come, paint & have fun. What a perfect way to spend …

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Teen Illustration

Mondays, beginning October 9–304:30–6pm (4 week sessions) Ages 13–17

Instructor: Benjamin Wills

To illustrate is to exemplify a concept, to make an idea visible to better understand it. Illustration has historically been used as a decoration, interpretation or visual explanation of a text, concept or process. Illustrations are …

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