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Executive Director

Looking to lead a vibrant arts organization?  artEAST is seeking an Executive Director, an experienced, creative leader with demonstrated fundraising experience, who thrives on mobilizing people to explore new possibilities. Interested candidates should email a cover letter, resume and any inquiries to Bob Prowda,


Our Executive Director serves as artEAST’s chief executive officer, with responsibility for all aspects of the organization spanning fundraising, grant writing, programming, operations, staff management, community relations, communications and strategic direction.

The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors and works in partnership with many groups and individuals including Board members, volunteers, supporters, members, community leadership and others. Supported by an Administrative Assistant and Financial Manager, the Executive Director manages an Education Program Coordinator, Gallery Operations Assistant and Exhibitions consultant, and works closely with the volunteer gallery management team and many others involved in operations of the art center.

Development/Fund Raising/Grant Acquisition
  • Establishes annual fund raising goals and the means to achieve them, in conjunction with the staff and Board
  • Manages the planning, development and execution of our major fund raising event of the year: Swirl, and supports the Board’s work for the planning and execution of the Annual Fund
  • Identifies and prepares grants that support artEAST plans and programs
  • Identifies and cultivates financial or in-kind support from corporate entities
  • Cultivates relationships with city arts commissions and leadership
  • Directs and supports efforts to increase gifts from major donors
Organizational/Operational Management
  • Internal: Manages paid staff, volunteer staff and consultants including setting priorities and goals, ensuring work is completed satisfactorily, evaluation.  Responsible for establishing policies and procedures for all staff whether paid or volunteer
  • Fiscal: Oversees the organization’s finances and financial health. Works with Financial Manager and Board to prepare the annual budget.
  • Grants: Identifies grant opportunities, prepares grants, and supports grant management, grant evaluation and grant documentation
  • Member Relations: Oversees efforts to retain and increase the number of members, identifies issues important to members and works to implement changes supporting members.
  • Volunteer Recognition: Oversees efforts that support our volunteers including identifying enhanced volunteer opportunities and recognition
  • Marketing/Brand: Works with board member(s) to align the vision, mission and values with the brand including visual presentation and messaging. Ensures the brand is uniformly applied throughout the organization. Works with staff/volunteers responsible for the planning and execution of marketing the gallery, education, community programs, events and exhibitions.
  • Facilities: Identifies capital and maintenance needs of the facilities we use, and coordinates with owners/managers or volunteers on getting problems fixed or implementation of improvements.
External Relations/Communications
  • Identifies and cultivates strategic partnerships that further the organization’s reputation while staying true to its mission and values
  • Serves as an ambassador for the organization to a variety of external constituencies, furthering the organization’s image and increasing its public reputation locally and regionally
  • Serves as a compelling public spokesperson articulating the artEAST story to media, sponsors, funders, members, volunteers and others
  • Oversees and coordinates artEAST electronic and written communications’ with membership, general public, present and potential funders, community leadership and others
Program Oversight
  • The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring each of artEAST’s business units (gallery, exhibitions, education, community programming, events) are meeting the strategic vision of the organization and achieving each business unit’s annual goals and objectives
  • On going problem solving, coordination and issue resolution involving business unit program development and execution
  • Working with employees and volunteers to identify and secure funding for improvements that enhance the gallery, exhibition spaces, classes/workshops and community programs
Member Relations
  • Works with the Board membership committee on development of program offerings that appeal to current members
  • Understands and communicates the needs of current members to Board and those responsible for artEAST business units
  • Identifies types of people who are potential future members, and helps develop communications to attract these groups
Board Relations
  • The Executive Director serves as the liaison to the Board of Directors in all art center related matters. The Executive Director works collaboratively with the Board to develop and implement the strategic direction of the organization
  • Ensures that the Board of Directors has necessary information and reports on a timely basis
  • Supports the Board’s growth and development
Strategic Planning, Marketing
  • Provides strategic thought, understanding and direction, in conjunction with the Board, to ensure the organization grows, meetis the needs of its audiences and is financially sound
  • Pursues new ideas that further the organization’s vision


  • $40,000 the first year with a scheduled increase in the 2018 budget of $5,000 based on performance
  • Annual bonus based on organization’s financial sustainability including net revenue from the annual gala (Swirl), business sponsorships and dollars from major funders
  • 30-hour work week, flexible schedule, 2 weeks paid vacation, health benefits available

About artEAST

Begun by a group of artists 12 years ago we are a non-profit arts organization with a vision to be a catalyst for a vibrant and enduring arts community, we have grown significantly, increasing brand recognition, community participation, financial support, gallery sales and membership.

We have a staff of five-part time, employee several people for specific assignments as consultants and rely on a host of dedicated volunteers for a myriad of tasks involving operations, program development and execution.  We have a 10 person ‘working’ Board, with a target of increasing its size to 16.

We operate a sales gallery showcasing 100 artists, curate exhibitions at our Front Street location and Blakely Hall in the Issaquah Highands, offer classes and workshops for a range of skills, provide opportunities for the community to engage in art making and produce community art events in Issaquah, Bellevue and Sammamish.

Our annual revenue comes principally from two fund-raisers, government and foundation grants, gallery sales, education registration and corporate support. We would not be able to do what we do without thousands of hours of volunteer hours.

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