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Education Classroom Rental Policies

artEAST Membership Required for Classroom Rental Classes

One of the benefits of artEAST membership at the Artist Level is being able to teach art-related workshops for artEAST. Therefore, all instructors must be current members of artEAST. Membership will be verified; approved instructors will NOT be added to the upcoming workshop schedule unless their membership fees are paid and current. Instructors can renew or join here.

NonMembers may rent our space for events and other uses not related to art classes for $30 per hour. Please contact for more details and to reserve the room. If you are a non-profit organization, please email the above address for rates.

Classroom Cleanliness

All instructors are expected to return the classroom to its original state after each class. Our class space is used for receptions as well as teaching so it needs to be ready for multiple events on any given day. This includes cleaning the floor, walls, sink and countertops as needed. If additional cleaning is required after your class, a $75 fee will be assessed.

Classroom Rental Instructors

Instructors wishing to rent the classroom for teaching need to use the following information when determining class price and submitting their proposal to artEAST. All proposals are reviewed by the Education Manager and require approval before proceeding.

Facility Use Fee: Originally charged separately, this fee is now rolled into the overall administrative fees below.

Administrative Fee: Instructors will be charged an administrative fee of $60 per class hour to cover the cost of room rental, promotional development, accounting and marketing by artEAST. Fifteen minutes of prep and setup time will be given for each course. Additional time will be charged at the rate of $21 per hour.

At this time, we do not have the ability to show the student processing fee as a separate charge during the student’s checkout process; therefore instructors must take the processing fee into account when determining a workshop price. Note: Your submitted workshop price will be the “Member” price, we will add $5 to workshops priced $0-99 and $10 to workshops priced $100+ for “Non-Member” pricing. This addition to the processing fee goes to artEAST.

Workshop Prices

Instructors should calculate the advertised price for a workshop based on the minimum number of students they are willing to teach so that the workshop is not too expensive AND can still cover artEAST’s administrative fee. After artEAST’s fee is taken out, instructors will receive the balance of the money from their workshops. artEAST’s current minimum enrollment for classes is 4 students but will be increasing that number to 6 students by the end of 2017.

Workshop Cancellation Policy

Cancelled workshops: Instructors that use the facility rental option for classes that DO NOT proceed will be charged a $25 fee for reserving the class in our calendar. This fee partially offsets the cost of lost revenue from our classroom space and the education Project Manager’s and, if refunds are due to students, the finance manager’s) time.

Minimum Enrollment: It is the responsibility of each instructor to contact the education department at BEFORE the class to verify enrollment numbers for an upcoming workshop. Workshops that have at least two (2) enrolled students will be considered a “go.”

If an instructor does NOT wish to teach a workshop that has only 2 (two) students enrolled, the instructor must cancel by email ( three (3) days prior to the start of the workshop. Note: the $25 cancellation fee will apply. If the instructor does not take the responsibility for canceling the workshop by email within the timeframe allowed, the instructor will be committed to teaching the workshop with two students, and will be asked to pay the Facility Use Fee and Student Processing Fees for the workshop. This is a courtesy to the registered students and to artEAST.

Student Cancellation Policy: Please review the Student and Waiver Policies so that you are familiar with what they contain.

Materials Fee

artEAST prefers that instructors plan for and INCLUDE the materials cost per student in the advertised price for the class. Note that this does NOT include any additional Supply Lists (see next section below).

However, if you have a variable materials cost (dependent upon project student chooses to do during the class), do NOT add it to the advertised price of your class. Instead we can add a note at the bottom of your workshop description, such as:

Additional Materials Fee payable to instructor during class, ranging from $X to $Y, depending on project chosen by student

Make sure you give us the $X and $Y info with your workshop proposal, and indicate if your workshop has this additional variable rate materials fee.

In this case, students will be paying instructors directly for their materials—this payment is between the instructor and student; artEAST will not become involved. Instructors must indicate if proposed workshops have this additional variable rate materials fee, and provide the cost range information in their proposals.

Supply Lists

When filling out the Proposal form, please remember to fill out the Supply List if students are required to bring items. The Supply List will be posted on the workshop’s web page.

Use Social Media to Advertise!

When instructors help artEAST advertise their workshops and round up students, they have a greater potential to make a money with artEAST’s education program. Help us help you, by posting links to your workshop webpage URL on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts! We expect all instructors to actively promote their classes.

artEAST Education Department
November 14, 2017

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