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Membership Guidelines

Welcome to artEAST! In addition to the benefits of membership, please follow these guidelines, available once you register with our site.

Email List Guidelines

All artEAST members are added to an email list, a wonderful benefit. The list is a members-only email community that allows you to send messages to the whole list using a single email address. Use Reply All very selectively: your message will go to several hundred people! To contact just the sender, use Reply. The message will NOT go to the whole list that way.

Please follow these simple guidelines help keep the list focused and a great resource for the artEAST community.

  • Make sure messages are art-related: of interest to the artists and art-supporting members.
  • Do not add the email list to your personal bulk email list. Use this list separately, for anything relevant to the artEAST membership in particular.

Opportunities to show and sell work are welcome, as are recommendations or requests for art-related businesses. However, please do not solicit donations of artwork to your favorite charity, no matter how noble the cause. This is not the place for bulk emails, religious or political messages.

For example, the list is a fine place to announce upcoming shows at other galleries, but please reply privately to offer congratulations. Reply publicly (using Reply All) to organize a car pool to the opening.

If you have an issue with the content or tone of a message, or if you have a suggestion for improving the list, please contact the moderator directly. If you would like to be removed from the list, send a message to the list with the word “unsubscribe” by itself in the Subject line. if you mistype, add a word, or use punctuation, it won’t work, and the whole list will see your email!


Member-only content and calls will appear throughout the site when you have registered with the site.

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