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Front Window Spotlight: Leslie Moon

Our front window currently features the work of Leslie Moon. Leslie is primarily a printmaker, but her creative curiosity spans many mediums including woodworking, glass work, and now welding. Her display is up until November 12th. We are also currently carrying a great selection of her animal-themed pieces in our retail gallery!

Leslie Moon front window

What sparked your interest in printmaking and how did you get started in it?

I grew up in a very creative family.  My mother is a sculptor and my father is a photographer (although he’s an intellectual property attorney from 9-5). During my senior year of high school I told them I didn’t want to go to college because I wanted to be an artist. They told me I could do both. I attended The University of the Arts in Philadelphia where I was born and raised. My intended major was sculpture but after one elective in printmaking the second term of freshman year I switched majors. I graduated with a BFA in Printmaking and Book Arts in 1994 and have never stopped.

Where do you find inspiration?

Leslie’s first linocut made when she was in 5th grade. Her parents saved the block so she reprinted it last year!

I think it would be easier to say where I don’t because I truly find inspiration in everything I encounter. My drive however comes from my parents. I am cut from their cloth. They always like to say “grass doesn’t grow under our feet.” The need to do and complete things has always been in me.

How has being a printmaker changed the way you see things in your daily life?

I’ll answer this not so much a printmaker but just as an artist or creative person. My daily life is quite challenging as I am a mom to 16 year old twins and my son is profoundly autistic (in addition

to being funny, imaginative and artistic). Navigating life with a special needs child is exhausting physically and mentally. To have my art every day to go to and the amazing “greater good” people I’ve met through various art communities is what truly keeps me happy and sane.

What are commonly recurring themes in your work? 

I tend to work in a narrative style and in many different series: Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Dia de los Muertos, anatomical hearts, song lyrics and quotes to name just a few. I am also a lover of animals so they are predominate in much of my art.

You now have your own dedicated studio space! Do you have a project you’re excited to start in that new space?

What I’m excited about most is not having to move artwork while I’m in the middle of it because we want to eat dinner!!! The dinner table used to be my mixed media station so now that table is being moved into the studio. I’m making a gorgeous live edge wood table for our kitchen!


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