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Jenifer Wright

Mixed-media metal sculpture

I always look at things and see at least 3 different possibilities.  It sometimes makes those around me a bit crazy, but many times it’s the start of an adventure.

For example, I met a very engaging German fellow at a career fair in North Carolina and ended up in manufacturing for over 15 years.  I found a pink mannequin at a going-out-of-business sale and started a collaborative art series that explores the unique potential of women through 3D form.  I met Bob Prowda for coffee one day and now I’m lucky enough to be the Executive Director of artEAST. I studied design, learned to weld, started my own company and have always thought of myself as a catalyst.  Now I get the chance to incite creativity and inspire others through creative art experiences. I look forward to being part of this community as it grows in creativity and potential.

Let the new adventure begin.



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