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Christine Helen Olson





I started painting with acrylics over thirty years ago. My mother and grandmother were both artists and I was able to play with their paint and materials when I was quite young. I went onto high school in Europe. In 1993, I moved to San Francisco to attend school and I graduated from the Academy of Art in 1997. I learned how to use all kinds of mediums and experienced a wonderful education with teachers who were working artists and illustrators. I learned how to tell a story utilizing composition, brushes and color.  In 2000, I let go of subjective work and began my journey into abstract painting. It was a real challenge to develop understanding with abstracts as it wasn’t something I was taught in school. It has been a personal journey to master the art of non subjective work.

Color has always been my strength and I relish in the opportunity to experiment with new combinations of hues. In recent years, I have dabbled with a few portraits and have returned to representation. My horizon series began in 2013 and continues to evolve. I have shown my work in several venues in Chicago and Seattle for the last 15 years and I have collectors throughout the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

I have lived a rather nomadic life and I consider the Pacific Northwest to be my home. Both of my parents are from Oregon and I was born in Eugene. My childhood was spent traversing the United States and Europe as the daughter of an Army Officer. In my adult years, I have lived and worked in San Francisco, Portland, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Seattle. My personal and professional life is balanced and I am passionate about my life and work. Travel and new experiences influence my perspective on my art and on my life.



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