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Front Window Spotlight: Anne Anderson

Anne Anderson was our Front Window artist for July. After years of creating richly-colored paintings on silk, Anne has moved in a new direction. Her front window display featured her paintings of Scottish Highland animals and she shares more about that here. Anne is also also one of our jewelry artists with a good eye for interesting stones.

How did you get started as a painter? Was there a particular style you were drawn to?

I took painting classes in college, but scientific illustration is where I got jobs. Later, on a trip in southern France, I saw an artist demonstrating silk painting. I was instantly drawn to this technique. I had a difficult time finding classes in silk painting, so I am self-taught. Once I figured out the technique, I became a full time painter.

Tell us about your Scottish Highland animal paintings. What is something you get to do in this new style of painting that was not part of your earlier work?

Silk painting is about lines and color. Getting fine detail is nearly impossible. With the oil paintings, I can get attitude, personality, and mood.


What reliably catches your artist eye? What do you notice, or what is sure to grab your attention?

Color is what lights my fire.

What’s the best creative advice you’ve ever received?

Shading and shadows make a painting pop. Without it, your painting is flat.

What’s something you’d love to experiment with in future work?

I want to experiment with combining unexpected elements together. Not sure what this looks like, but it’s on the list!


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