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Exhibit: Observations in Time

August 1 – August 13

Artist Reception August 6th, 3-5pm

This pop-up exhibition of work by ceramicist Juliette Ripley-Dunkelberger and photographer Tara McDermott combines their unique visions of nature, and the ways humans and time intersect with the natural world. Both focus on slowing down and observing the world around them, taking time to notice the smallest details. Paired together they offer a sense of serenity and calm.














Juliette Ripley-Dunkelberger

Most of Juliette’s work deals with issues of human nature and the environment. She picks a fragment of time or place and works through issues, both personal and social. Through careful study and physical construction, she resolves each issue into a sculpture.

Tara McDermott

In an almost an opposite approach, Tara begins her pieces with no clear idea of how they will develop. She starts with slow, meandering walks through her neighborhood, photographing isolated details she finds with several medium-format film cameras. She assembles these random images from disparate places and often from different seasons by physically layering 2, 3, and sometimes, 4 layers of film together to create a cohesive whole. The stack of film is scanned (together) and digitally manipulated to create a more painterly image which is then printed, mounted, and coated with encaustic (a mixture of beeswax and resin). The circle of life is a central theme throughout her work, which focuses on the growth and death in the natural world, and all the stages to be found in between.


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