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Wildly Creative with Pam Holderman

Our annual Swirl auction and gala takes place on Saturday, April 22nd. The theme of this year’s event is “Wildly Creative.” Between now and then, we’ll take you behind the scenes to reveal how our artist community is working together to create an imaginative, art-filled evening you won’t want to miss.

Pam Holderman is one of our featured auction artists. She is also one of our instructors, offering a fun introduction to iPad art.

When asked what “wildly creative” meant to her and how that shows up in her work, Pam said:

“I believe every picture tells a story and hopefully each is ‘wildly creative.’ I have a passion for repurposing the discarded and elevating its status as an important member of a painting and story. Sometimes I start with a vintage door, or I smear joint compound as a substrate, and I often lay in old papers, string and words, and finish with buttons. I can paint with my fingers, draw lines with a tracing wheel or carve into the wet mud. I love the connection between color, texture and these objects. Hopefully the viewer smiles and their response to the world is enlarged just a little bit. Being wildly creative often means letting my original idea morph into something entirely of its own design. Sometimes I just need to let go, have faith it will all work out, and watch what transpires in front of me.  Finally my newest art form is drawing on my iPad. I love how we can be wildly creative in various art forms, yet our individual art stamp still shines through regardless of the medium.”

Pam shared some photos with us of progress on her painted auction pieces in her signature joy-filled style.

Pam Holderman WIP




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