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Wildly Creative with Miska

Our annual Swirl auction and gala takes place on Saturday, April 22nd. The theme of this year’s event is “Wildly Creative.” Between now and then, we’ll take you behind the scenes to reveal how our artist community is working together to create an imaginative, art-filled evening you won’t want to miss!

Wildly Creative with Miska

Miska is one of our featured auction artists. Here’s a look at what is happening in her studio as she turns inspiration into finished art. She also shares what she is planning to offer for her creative experience, a special auction item that pairs a winning bidder with a featured artist to enjoy a unique, interactive experience!

Miska, Work in progress

What does “wildly creative” mean to you, and how does that show up in your work?

When I saw the beautiful auction postcard saying “wildly creative” my mind instantly went to the creation of wildlife themed paintings, maybe because the postcard features a beautiful image of an elephant, lion, and deer.  My immediate response  was to start painting wild animals for the auction, and once I started I thought that perhaps I should become as wildly creative as possible and paint something I never have before. I began with a quail, bucking mustang, and heron, trying to use color palettes that I have not used before as well as new compositions. Then my mind always goes to what would sell well at the auction, so I started painting wild-looking roosters!

I also decided that for my donated event I will offer a “paint your own rooster” class, complete with a barn tour, entertainment, and refreshments. And of course a meet-and-greet at the chicken coop!

Miska, heron painting progression
Miska, wild rooster
Swirl Auction Information

Individual tickets are $125, and you can also purchase a full table with seating for 8 for $1000. Tickets may be purchased online or at our retail gallery. We have several of Miska’s paintings on display and visiting the gallery means you also get to see her art in person before the event!

100% of the funds raised during the event will support our mission to promote a thriving visual art community.



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