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Swirl Gala Auction Volunteer Positions

Swirl is artEAST’s most exciting event of the year. While it may look like it happens by magic, it actually takes an extraordinary amount of work by an extraordinary number of volunteers.

Swirl 2017 is on April 22, 2017 at Pickering Barn in Issaquah. Our theme this year is “Wildly Creative”! To have the best Swirl ever, we have an immediate need for volunteers in these key roles:

Swirl Planning Chair – The Planning Chair is responsible for: keeping a checklist of outstanding action items; checking in with the people responsible for completing those action items to stay on track; scheduling planning meetings with Swirl planning volunteers; and updating Swirl planning volunteers on what action items have been completed.

Swirl Procurement Chair – The Procurement Chair is responsible for: maintaining a list of non-art, non-dessert procurement items artEAST wants to request; finding volunteers who will help approach the businesses and people on the list; following up with volunteers; and making requests to those businesses and people when no other volunteer is available.

Swirl Volunteer Coordinator – The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for: ensuring that we have adequate volunteers before, during, and after Swirl to make Swirl a fun event for all; being on hand throughout the day of the event to answer questions for volunteers; and reassigning volunteers as needed during the event if there is a shortage of volunteers in a particular part of Swirl.

In addition to these key roles we will need a virtual army on April 22nd to get everything set up and ready for our guests. Opportunities include transportation, silent auction set-up, room decor, and more.

Please send an email to volunteer@arteast.org if you are interested in any of these roles. Volunteers who succeed in these roles will earn artEAST’s eternal gratitude and a tremendous sense of satisfaction when the event is completed!



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