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Monique Catino

Daisies Harvest Chickadee SageCuriosity Watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil, pen, graphite, pastel, printmaking, photography and mosaics


Monique Catino started drawing from an early age. After moving to the Pacific Northwest, she worked for Wizards of the Coast, where she painted many Prototype Masters for Wizard’s miniatures business and had one of her artworks published. After that, she employed her skills free-lance, in working with other artists, and in teaching art at private elementary schools, junior high and high schools. Monique creates her own artwork in many media, including watercolor, pastel, acrylics, graphite, printmaking, and mosaics. She has also marketed a line of greeting cards using her artwork imagery. On a larger scale, Monique has worked as a muralist, and has years of experience as a mosaic fabricator, helping other artists translate their imagery into this demanding medium. Monique’s craftsmanship, passion, and attention to detail with the medium of mosaic can be seen in a number of state- and school-commissioned public artworks in the Pacific Northwest . Her art has also been displayed in galleries in the Pacific Northwest.

Monique’s art reflects her love for texture, detail, and the play of light and dark. She is drawn to contrasts, detail and the way the light bounces of off objects, and she often zooms in on subjects in order to abstract and bring out these characteristics more fully. Her hope is to share this passion with others through her art.



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