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Allen McCall

Allen McCallWood


Artist’s Statement

I handcraft wooden objects that are beautiful as well as functional and a joy to use. My focus on simplicity of design showcases the natural beauty of the wood. For custom pieces, I collaborate with the client to discover the distinct personality of each piece and incorporate it into the object in a marriage of form and function. I believe that construction methods, such as exposed joinery, should not be used when they distract from the beauty of wood. I have long been drawn to both Northwest native art and Asian art. Many of my designs and construction techniques are influenced by both.

I began on a farm in eastern Washington, where I was raised. With the encouragement of an uncle and continuing a long family history of wood workers, I learned how to use the materials and tools available. During the last 2 years of college, a job at a cabinet shop improved my skills. Later when my wife and I remodeled our older home I decide to build all of the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. Since then I have been designing and building furniture for clients.



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