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Larissa Herbert

Photographic art by Larissa HerbertPhotographic art by Larissa Herbert Photographic art by Larissa Herbert Photographic art by Larissa Herbert Photographic art by Larissa HerbertPhotography


Larissa Herbert is an accomplished artist, photographer, and graphic designer. With over a decade of experience, degrees in Fine Arts and Digital Media, and a penchant for design that is both creative and collaborative, she is dedicated to providing creative design solutions that fulfill her clients’ needs and deliver results. Larissa employs mixed media techniques to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art. Textures and images bring her art to life and make it more engaging. Inspiration can arrive in the form of a unique button, a scrap of fabric or paper, or a broken earring.

Artist’s Statement

“When I see something that sparks an idea or fantasy I take a picture of it. The picture on its own does not fully convey the idea of fantasy so I’ll combine it with photos from either my personal inventory, or make something in Photoshop. When I combine the images in a surreal manner, to me it is a digital painting since lighting, perspective, and blending is key.”



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