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Call for September: Illuminate

Open Call for Artist Qualifications

An Exhibition of 3–Dimensional Art Candelabras

With an option to work collaboratively with welders from the Green River College welding studio

Exhibition: September–October, 2016
Qualifications Due: May 8th, 2016

Curators: Greg Bartol and Karen Abel
Jurors: June Sekiguchi and Anna Macrae

Puget Sound area artists are invited to illuminate the dark, misty and mysterious corners of Northwest winters by creating three-dimensional candelabras. Artists can work independently, in teams of their own creation, or by becoming part of a unique collaborative partnership with a welder from the Green River College Welding Studio in Auburn.

This call is open to visual artists working in all 2-D and 3-D mediums but the resulting candelabras should be three-dimensional for display on table, mantel or floor. Artists are encouraged, but not required, to create functional work which is candle lit, battery lit or electrically wired.

Collaborative Candelabras with Welders from Green River College

This option gives experienced visual artists the special opportunity to bring their vision to a medium usually only available in professional welding studios (welding, plasma cutting, grinding and cold work) and to learn about the capabilities and limitations of the medium to deliver on a vision. A collaborative spirit is vital and artEAST seeks artists who will bring their best self forward to collaborate and artistically mentor welders — inspiring them to push their technical skills boundary and view themselves, their medium and their work in a new, artistic light. At its most powerful, collaborative work reflects a complete integration of ideas and skills, blurring the lines between each contribution and resulting in a diversity of materials and artistic approaches not possible when working in isolation.

If applying for a collaborative partnership with a Green River College welder, please indicate your availability June through August 2016. You and your welder partner will schedule your own planning and production time and will need to accommodate each other’s schedules as well as availability of the welding studio in Auburn. Flexibility and availability during June–August will be essential.

Display, Closing Event and Candelabra Sales

Candelabras will be displayed at Green River College in Auburn, the artEAST Art Center, storefront locations in Issaquah and at a culminating event at Blakely Hall in the Issaquah Highlands on Saturday evening, October 29, 2016. [While in Blakely Hall, the Candelabras will be display with a concurrent 2-dimensional show of the same title.] Candelabras will sell via auction format, with an agreed upon minimum bid, at this costumed “Halloween themed” gala with each artist or artist/welder team receiving 50% of the final sales price. Participating artists will receive one free ticket to this fundraising event for artEAST.

Important Dates:

Application Deadline: Midnight, Sunday May 8, 2016
Selection Notification: May 13, 2016
Partner Welder Assignment (where applicable): May 31, 2016 or earlier
Artists and Artist/Welder work together at Green River College and personal studios: June–August, 2016
Delivery of Candelabras to artEAST:  September 9, 2016
Opening Reception concurrent with Illuminate 2-Dimensional Guest Show (tentative): September 9, 2016
Exhibition at Green River Community College: September 12–30, 2016
Exhibition at storefronts in Issaquah (TBD): October 1-28, 2016
Final Exhibition and Culminating Reception & Auction: Saturday, October 29, 2016

A grant is currently being sought by Green River College to provide artists/welders with a stipend to help cover materials and other costs associated with the Welding Studio. There is no guarantee that this grant will be received however.

Additional Expectations: In keeping with the collaborative philosophy of the event, all participating artists and welders will be expected to support the program through social media marketing. We also highly encourage assistance with event logistics volunteering, graphic design, and other logistical or promotional needs. Assistance with candelabra transportation and installation is highly appreciated and will allow the artwork to be displayed at a greater range of venues. We also encourage public talks by artist and welder on the nature of collaboration and their work. Flexibility is encouraged. Because of the multiple partners, multiple exhibition sites and collaborative nature of this event, a spirit of adaptability, curiosity and adventure is valuable.

To apply to for consideration:

Interested artists should send the following information by email to: ExCandelabras16@arteast.org

Please address each of these areas in the body of the email itself or in an attached Word document.  Writing skills are not as important as completeness and clarity of communication.

  • Subject: Submit to Candelabras
  • Contact information: Name, best phone number to reach you, mailing address, and website/blog/Facebook reflecting your work
  • Resume
  • Artist Statement and specific statement outlining your experience, your interest in this project and how you might approach it and – if applying for a welding partner – your philosophy and experience with artistic collaboration.
  • If applying to collaborate with a Green River College welder, please indicate your availability during June – August, addressing week days, evenings and weekends.
  • Please indicate interest in supporting the program through marketing/promotion, graphic design assistance, event planning and transportation/installation.
  • Six high-quality images of your work, as .jpg attachments

If you have any questions, please contact ExCandelabras16@arteast.org or call (425) 392-3191.



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