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Exhibit: What If


March 16–April 20, 2016, Blakely Hall
Opening Reception Thursday, March 17, 6–8 pm

Curated by Anna Macrae

Welcome to the magical world of possibilities with artEAST member Pamela Holderman.

What if…

What if corgis had access to stilts, pigs won truffle hunting contests, mermaids freely shared their hearts, deer played on rooftops, and animal picnics were a daily occurrence?  Until this world exists, I will paint it.  My art weaves connection between color, texture, line, found objects, and story.  Paint dances over layers from the past. Buttons, nails, glitter and thread adorn.  Vintage words bring conclusion.  Reality is unhinged just a little and a new world view emerges that incorporates humor and hope. 

Pamela Holderman paints in a small home studio tucked between the trees and lakes east of Seattle.  She usually creates with a cat curled up on part of her art and an unfinished latte which often mistakenly receives a paint brush tinting it the hue of the day.

Pamela has a passion for a simple still life, the diverse texture and beauty of nature, and human/animal figures.  She loves texture, color, found objects, humor, and the interaction between them.  Buttons, book pages in old fonts, discarded doors and postage stamps are her favorite found objects.

Pamela often starts her art with a vintage door as the substrate and adds texture with either joint compound or layered papers. Then she builds layers upon layer of color, texture and pattern to elevate and bring new life to these discarded objects. Often words from old books are given second life and find their way into the piece to weave an extra bit of humor and conclude the story.  Lately a hint of mischief has taken over; animals and people interact in this imaginary world of possibilities.

Pamela wants to engage the viewer and take him into a magical world that brings a smile or chuckle. Look for her work to be featured in the retail gallery and front window of artEAST in the month following the show.




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