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Kathy Reid

Kathy Reid joined our Board in 2015.

Kathy is a retired Boeing executive with a wide range of job roles and job experiences. Her favorites: initiating business employee development programs, developing international internship programs, creating near term market forecasts, and leading production rate planning and integration for Boeing’s aircraft models. Kathy was hired as the first female Industrial Engineering Methods Analyst on the factory floor and she retired as Commercial Airplanes Executive Director of Business Operations.

Kathy also served as an executive board member of the non-profit Washington Business Week.

Kathy’s core values are making a meaningful contribution to something greater than herself, and actively supporting others in realizing their dreams. This has been her motivating objective throughout her career, as well as her main focus as a volunteer.

Kathy has had a blast at several SWIRL fundraising events.  Through artEast, she has been able to wield the fire with Denny Croston, shape glass with Karen Abel and make my own crown with Larry Calkins. (Kathy was challenged to wear said crown through the streets of Port Gamble, which she did proudly to much acclaim and good wishes. Yes, artEAST was given full credit for creating this opportunity!)



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