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Britt Greenland

Oils by Britt Greenland Oils by Britt Greenland Oils by Britt Greenland ArtEAST4 Oil painter


The transformative power of sunlight has always been a siren call for Britt Greenland.  She must capture it however she can. Painting sunny local scenes came out of her need to freeze that sunlight effect and preserve it for gloomy, rainy Seattle winter months. 

Many artists claim light as their inspiration.  In Britt’s case it’s more like lack of light is her hell, and she doesn’t want to live in hell. Originally from Minnesota, she’s head-over-teakettle in love with the Pacific NW 8 months of the year.  The other 4 months leave her barely functioning. Painting is one of many ways she has learned to cope with extreme Seasonal Affective Disorder. She keeps her sunlight lamp in her studio to help simulate sunshine, and she brings out her vibrant paints to cheer her.

Her hope is that her work is a positive light source for you as well. 



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