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Yvonne Grimes

Yvonne GrimesI’ve been crafting and creating since I was a little girl. My mom was very creative and always trying out a new technique or medium, so I usually followed right behind her. Now my motto is: “I’ve never met an art supply I didn’t like!” Thank goodness for the option of “Mixed Media” so I don’t have to settle for just one.

I am inspired by the amazing natural world around us. We can spend a lifetime trying to come up with the colors and patterns that just ‘happen’ right outside our doors, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. My 2nd inspiration point is our incredible member gallery. It’s such a treat to be in that space everyday and to watch our artist members grow as their artwork evolves.

I am currently the Programs Administrator and I love working at artEAST, and being able to support both the artEAST mission and our artist members.

Portrait by Hilling Design



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