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Farshad Alamdari


Farshad Alamdari. Photo by Hilling DesignFarshad joined our board in 2013, and served as the President of artEAST’s Board of Trustees through spring 2015.

Farshad Alamdari is a Persian native and a lifelong observer of profound, beautiful subtleties. This penchant drew him to both architecture and painting. In 1975, he relocated to England to further his education. He earned a Ph.D. in Architecture and the Built Environment to pursue his professional aspirations. Even as he cultivated a rich and fulfilling professional career, his creative orientation and passion for painting remained strong. Following his relocation to Seattle in 2007, he refocused his attention on artistic pursuits.  He further enriched his prowess in oil painting by enrolling in painting workshops with noted artists, and undertook atelier training at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle. His work was highlighted in the artEAST Women of Persia exhibition at Blakely Hall in April 2014.



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