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FALLing Exhibit

September 27– November 9, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 27, 6–8pm 

Curated by Donna Lindeman Porter

Artwork (L-R):  Pandy Savage McVay “…down went Alice after it…”, Greg Bartol “FALLing”, Phil Jensen “Falling in Love”

FALLing can be defined as an action (movement, music, feeling), a season (colors, temperature change) or an academic term (and all those things associated with school).  Artists were encouraged to capture the emotion of “Fall” or “To Fall” in their artwork with the theme left open to a wide range of personal interpretations.

FALLing collage 1

Artwork (L-R): Lyla Jacobsen “September Field”, Meg Murch “Fallen/Unrepentant”, Cynthia Lait “Fall Tornado”

Exhibiting artists include:

Gail Baker, Greg Bartol, Virginia Bohannon, Tami Donnelly, John DuBois, Tenley DuBois, Johnny Friedlaender, Eugene Grasset, Lynn A. Guttmann, Gaylen Hansen, Judith Heim, Eva Isaksen, Lyla Jacobsen, Phil Jensen, Jerry Kaufman, Phil Keane, Anne La Fever, Cynthia Lait, Judy Lane, James Martin, Alden Mason, Mary M. Masterson, Pandy Savage McVay, Meg Murch, Don Myhre, Molly Pere, Peter Pere, Man Ray, Carol Ross, Liz Ruest, Harriet Sanderson, Ann Elizabeth Scott, Renatta Simpson, Sheryl Sirotnik, and Kristie Smith

Work from Johnny Friedlaender, Eugene Grasset, and Man Ray courtesy of Davidson Galleries
Work from Eva Isaksen,  James Martin, and Alden Mason courtesy of Foster/White Gallery
Work from Gaylen Hansen courtesy of Linda Hodges Gallery



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