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Cathy Loftus

Sample work, Cathy LoftusPhotography

Cathy Loftus, a local photographer, grew up on a wheat farm in Eastern Washington and gained a first-hand appreciation and affection for vintage trucks with split windshields, waterfall grilles, big round headlights and skinny bumpers.

Artist’s Statement

All of these old trucks have endured decades of use and abuse and yet their chrome still shines. The hand-brushed multi-colored layers of paint and the baling twine holding doors shut speak of owners working with only what they had to keep these trucks together.

Now they represent a vibrant, independent way of life that is no longer feasible. Yet these trucks hang on, not discarded, in pastures and barns. Too valued to let go, too old to repair. My goal as photographer is to capture and share the character, spirit and stunning resilience of each one.



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