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Anne T La Fever

Bird of ParadiseCosmic ExerciseDemonic InterventionMultiple Choice MakeoverRosemary's BabyCollage & mixed media
On display in our retail gallery

Anne La Fever worked in the Northwest as an interior decorator for over 20 years.  Upon retirement, she started creating collages and mixed media art that, until that point, she had only envisioned in her head.  Raised in Mississippi, she is passionate about keeping the Southern traditions of storytelling, appreciation of eccentricity, and a love of history alive through her art.

She uses images pulled from an extensive collection of books and photographs from the late 19th and early 20th century, as well as images from the Renaissance and other periods of history.  Anne seeks to give these images a new life by adding drama, wit, and an updated viewpoint to the subject at hand.  Many of the images start out as  black and white and are enhanced with hand coloring.  The mixed media elements and the frames used are generally antique or carefully chosen recycled pieces which gives them a new life as well.

Anne is a member of the Northwest Collage Society and the National Collage Society.  Her work was selected for the international juried show for the NCS in 2013 and 2014 and numerous local juried exhibitions.  She has works in our retail gallery as well as Ghost Gallery in Seattle.



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